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gamer2Here we go!  MTS is off and running and we have Black Friday Deals going on every day until Tuesday!  Every day we will have a new set of deals going on all through the day on our Facebook page.  You need to buy directly from us on Facebook to get those deals.

We have new designs, some old favorites, and we are taking requests!

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Candy Cane Huggers & Holders

Originally posted on Stitch and Craft:


I usually wait until December to put up the Christmas tree, but when Aunt Sallie called and said she’d be passing through and stopping by the next day, I had an immediate change of plans. Aunt Sallie is the family queen of holiday décor. It would be the only time she could share a little holiday cheer, she had said, and as I looked around and saw no sign of Santa, I panicked!

I was able to drag the table top tree out of the basement and give it a good dusting, but the ornaments were in a storage area where only my husband could reach.  And even if I could get the boxes off their shelves, I wondered about the condition in which I’d find them, recalling my haste when storing them away. I contemplated this little dilemma, igniting my inspiration with a bit of sugar from a candy…

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Get Crafty: Knit-A-Square

Originally posted on Charity College:

As I’ve mentioned before, Knit-A-Square is one of my favorite charity organizations. Although they are small, they do a lot of great work for the children in South Africa, and they make it really easy for you to see how you’re impacting the lives of people so far away.

What KAS Does

The organization aims to support children orphaned and afflicted by the AIDS epidemic. Due to the disease, many young children are not only left without parents, but also without the basic necessities of life. KAS assists charities and orphanages within southern Africa by providing children with hand-made blankets, clothing, and even knit toys, all of which are donated by people like you and me.

Why Blankets?

Many of the children helped by KAS are infected with HIV/AIDS, which is an autoimmune disease. As a result, they are more prone to illness and other infection than your average child. Keeping…

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