Get the most of your Back to School Budget and plan the best First Day outfit!

Tea Collection boy’s clothing sets

Every year parents face the problem of trying to get the most out of their Back to School budgets and still give the kids the things they will be excited to wear. When my kids were little they worked out all summer what their Back to School wardrobe was going to look like.

My boys were pretty easy. They liked to find a couple pairs of cargo shorts and some t-shirts. The boys liked to have at least one shirt that stood out as different from the others and made a statement about who they thought they were. Through the years they got a little easier about their wardrobes and would choose items from their closets and pair it up with something new.

Girls however are a little different. My daughter loves to reinvent herself a few times a year. Even when she was in the lower grades she always had to stay way ahead of what the other kids were wearing. She liked to have a unique style, so that meant that I needed to make sure I was getting items that would be unique but also within my budget since I didn’t want to keep buying a whole new wardrobe every few months.

Now that my kids have grown up and only my daughter is left in high school, I can look back and see what items made the most sense.

Always find 3 pairs of jeans/pants that fit well in darker colors and are not going to go away with the trends.

No matter how hard you try, you will always need a clean back-up pair of pants. Having a go-to pair of outdoor worthy jeans or pants is a must for school aged kids.

Don’t buy all of your clothes at the beginning of the school year.

Blend in some of your summer-wear with your new items until the kids know what is “IN” and what is totally “Not Cool”.

For most of the school year, the weather will be cooler so save some of your budget money for later in the year when the cold weather clothes start to go on sale.

Avoid the drama and shop online.

My boys hated going from store to store trying clothes on. They wanted to buy everything in the first store they went into then head off to the game stores. When online shopping began to gain momentum, I found that I could get all of my shopping done BEFORE heading out for the small items that I left for them to pick out. I gave each of them a budget for clothes and supplies that were up to them ( specialty t-shirts, fancy pens, ect.) and we would take a day to go out for lunch and hype up the excitement of going back to school.

The First Day of School Outfit is the most important outfit of the year!

Tea Collection girl’s clothing sets

All of my kids planned that first day of school outfit as if their entire school year depended on that first impression. They would spend days making sure it was exactly what they wanted to wear. My daughter would try everything on, put on her accessories, and do her hair in multiple styles until she got it exactly right. This ritual was needed to flush out the jitters and make them feel completely self-confidant for walking into that classroom in a new grade. No matter how much my husband fussed about the role of that first day outfit, he knew that his kids would go off that day with a new backpack, a new outfit, and a smile that showed the excitement of the day.


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Make Your Own: Bubble Tea/ Boba!


This doesn’t look all that hard!

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by Peach and Kuma


We love bubble tea, it has become a staple in our diet and anyway chilled beverages are the perfect way to survive the summer heat! But, these chilled drinks are proving to be a monetarily hazardous indulgence, so we decided to make our own!

Here’s what you need to whip up your at-home Matcha (Green Tea) Bubble Tea Latte:

~Dried Tapioca Pearls

~Instant Matcha Latte Mix (the kind where you just need to water)

~The essentials, you see below; We’re sure you can find your way.

12 3

 Step 1~

Add your tapioca pearls to boiling water, 1 cup of tapioca requires 10 cups of water.

Add sugar or honey to sweeten (optional) and boil for about 5-10 mins.45

Step 2~

Taste the tapioca pearls to check if the texture is gooey or squishy, if not keep boiling.

Once they are ready, immediately transfer them to…

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Tea Collection KinderCone Giveaway: $4k Grand Prize!

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Tea Collection KinderCone Giveaway: $4k Grand Prize! The first day of school can be a bit nerve wracking, and to alleviate some of the anxiety and put a little fun into the day, there is a tradition in Germany where kids are presented with a large, colorful KinderCone or Schultute (“shool-too-teh”) filled with school supplies, sweet treats and small gifts. This large cardboard, cone of fun helps kids feel a little better about their big day. Want help with yours? Enter to win the Tea Collection KinderCone Giveaway! One lucky grand prize winner will receive a Tea Collection KinderCone, filled with school supplies and treats, for everyone in their child’s classroom! Plus, the classroom will also receive a collection of 20 National Geographic books! This is a first day of school party for the entire class! Here is what is inside the Tea Collection KinderCone:

  1. One (1) $50 Tea Collection gift certificate
  2. One (1) Germany-inspired activity book from Tea Collection
  3. One (1) custom Tea printed notebook from May Designs
  4. One (1) lunchbox from SoYoung
  5. One (1) set of school and art supplies from Stubby Pencil Studios
  6. One (1) healthy organic snack set from Annie’s Homegrown
  7. One (1) cookie pack from Chateau Bakery
  8. One (1) pair of fun temporary tattoos from Tattly

The Tea Collection KinderCone Giveaway only runs until August 17, so be sure to enter today! Viel Glück! (‘Good luck’ in German.)


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